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The What If It All Means Something Drop

The ujjayi ocean breath that came through loud in your yoga practice, the desire to stand strong and still like a mountain rather than move, the butterflies that seem to be magnetically drawn to you... what if it all means something? What if nothing is random chance and it's all meant for you, just for you? Once we walk around noticing with deeper awareness what surrounds us, we can't help but notice signs and symbols. Heck, sometimes these symbols/animals/signs/energy get thrown at us SO heavily we simply CAN'T ignore them. What is pulling you in, what are you pulling in to yourself? I believe if we dress with these energetic intentions, we can more deeply manifest the moments and dreams that are meant for us. I hope you find something here that pulls you in and reminds you that yes, this does all mean something and you are meant to be here.

A portion of all sales from this drop are being donated to Yoga4Change CT. Yoga4Change brings mindfulness-based yoga practices to the underserved, such as youth, low income seniors, and individuals recovering from chronic mental health issues and addiction. 

The collection is live on Weds, April 20th, at 8 PM EST.

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