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We believe that safe, sustainable, and transparent activewear is a nonnegotiable in 2020. The ingredients in our clothing should be as accessible and traceable as the food labels at our local health food store. While caring for our bodies during exercise, yoga, and meditation we should not, at the same time, be wearing clothing made by slaves that’s ridden with toxic chemicals. Our bodies and our planet deserve better than more plastic stuff. This is why Purusha exists: to create beautiful, plant-based activewear, and to educate the community on why plastic does not belong on our bodies.

Purusha (Sanskrit puruṣa पुरुष), is pronounced Puh-Roo-Shah. It means the soul within all beings, the life force that unites us, the spirit that pervades all living things. This word includes all beings, we are all Purusha People.

Giving Back

Our brand is a small one, but we are honored to give back. A portion of proceeds goes to sponsoring 2 children and their villages in Africa through

Women Owned



We’re proud to be totally handmade and factory free, hand crafted by two women! Nadya sews all clothing from her home in the Southern California desert, while Hayley dyes and prints the clothing in her home in Connecticut.