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We create our clothing to be beautiful, inside and out.

Plant Based, ethical, sustainable

All our clothing is made from OEKO-TEX-certified bio-based Lenzing-certified tencel lyocell. Phew, that sounds like a lot, but what it really means is that it's made from trees grown on designated tree farms (not old growth trees, EVER!) and processed in Lenzing's solar-powered facilities in a closed-looped system (using just one non-toxic chemical that is reused over and over and not released into the environment). We only use non-toxic water-based ink for our prints. Our dyes are all certified nontoxic, metal free, and GOTS certified. A small amount of spandex (less than 10%) is used to make our clothing stretchy. We realize spandex is still a petrofiber, but we are in the process of using a plant-based spandex once it becomes available to the mainstream market. Progress over perfection! All creators of our clothing are paid a guaranteed living wage. From start to finish, our fiber is knit, cut, sewn, dyed, printed, and finished in downtown Los Angeles.


We currently recycle all fabric scraps in the cutting process to be used for rugs and filling. In addition, our markers (how we set up the patterns on the fabric) are incredibly low-waste in their design and technique. All damaged pieces that are inevitable in the production process are sold at super low prices as 'seconds', so we do not send any clothing to landfills that is imperfect. We only produce in small, limited edition batches, so we do not overproduce and make more than we can sell. Purusha is proud to cover repair costs on any and all well-loved pieces we make.




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748 TCO2e

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Hayley's Story

The PAth is Never Straight

This is the story of how I created something I loved, lost my way, and finally rediscovered what a Purusha Person really is.

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Our Promise


Purusha clothing is made from start to finish in Los Angeles. We're knit, cut, and sewn in small family owned shops, dyed in a responsible dye house dedicated to low impact dyes, and screen printed in a clean and safe print shop with water-based ink.

Plastic Free Packaging


Our packaging is plastic free. We use 100% post consumer recycled paper materials that are compostable and biodegradable. We don't use "polybags", those clear plastic bags most clothing comes in, rather we use 100% recycled brown paper bags and paper tape. 

Our Why

What Does Purusha Mean?

Purusha is an ancient Sanskrit word from the Vedas that means the soul, the seer, the spirit of the cosmos. We feel it is our duty as a yoga brand to make clothing that aligns with ahimsa, or non-violence to ourselves, our fellow human, animals, and the planet. This is why our creations are sustainable, ethical, and inclusive.

10% of profits donated to a unique charity with every drop

Our creations are:

Ethically Made

Polyester Free


Made In The USA