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The Visionary Drop


The signs are there if we pay attention. A change in our heartbeat indicates which path to take, a fox in the woods is a spirit guide in disguise, and the phase of the moon reminds us that the earth and our bodies are forever connected. As surely as the sun rises each day, our guides and ancestors are always present here if we can only look beyond our eyes.
Though this collection is a reflection of our visions beyond this earthly plane, we solidly live here on a physical earth. As a woman entrepreneur, I am aware of the privileges that have allowed me to create and dedicate my life to art. I'd like to give back to fellow earth women. A portion of all sales are being donated to Kiva. Kiva is a charity that empowers entrepreneurial women to access safe and affordable capital to start their own small businesses.
The collection is live on Thurs, April 28th, at 8 PM EST.

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