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The Chakra Drop

How do we find balance? It's often only once we've gone off course and become *unbalanced* that we dig out the compass to navigate home again.

In our world today, it's all too easy to lose our way, and sometimes encouraged because of so-called societal norms. For example, if we're not glued to our iPhones in public, heads and necks and spines cocked downward as if the phones were an extension of our hands, people will think you're odd for looking around and doing nothing. It's not until you go to zoom in on a photo in real life with your fingers that you realize that yes, perhaps it's time to give the ol' phone a break.

Now that we've admitted the problem, the imbalance, we can go in and make the internal switch. By changing our habits, setting goals, having rewards, breathing fresh air, allowing support from family and friends, we can truly design a life we love. Sometimes we don't even realize how much better this could all be. 

To assist in seeking balance, wearing the color of the chakra you'd like to open can help! This collection is dedicated to the colors of the sacred energy channels within the body, and all the healing that comes along with tending to them. Peace to you, my dear friend, and all the love. 




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