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Seconds Moon Bee Organic Cotton Bells (Short)

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Whenever you would wear your old school plastic polyester workout leggings. Your bells protect your body from yucky chemicals and save the earth from microplastic.

Pants made from organic cotton are a beautiful thing! Our bells are crafted from pesticide-free cotton so you don't have to worry about exercising and sweating in something synthetic and chemical-ridden. 

They have a defect, for one. This is why they're marked down. The organic cotton shrunk much more than usual in our latest batch, and the inseam for these babies is measuring out to a cute 28". "Damn, that's short!", I said as I pulled some from the dye bath. BUT, how perfect if you're a shortie (like me), or like to wear bells like flood pants (which are in style, hallelujah!) They're are also more like a light to medium weight organic cotton. ALSO, the dyeing on these is slightly imperfect.

Because these pants are only organic cotton, no eucalyptus, they are not as great for super sweaty workouts. They get heavier with sweat. But they freaking rock for cold-weather outdoor workouts, non-sweaty yoga, and moderate exercise. Also, they do contain 8% spandex, which is a petroleum-based ingredient. Without it, your leggings wouldn't stretch and no one- you or the planet- would benefit from a product nobody wants because we refused to add a stretchy element to it. Until we can all exercise in loose woven flood pants and tunics (unlikely), or until someone invents a plant-based stretch fiber (yay science!), this is the best we've got. So much better than 100% plastic though, don't you think?

Our organic cotton is USA grown! The organic cotton is knitted into fabric in Los Angeles, CA. Nadya, my best friend, and my super talented seamstress, hand sews each and every piece in her home in the desert in Southern California. I (Hayley), hand dye and hand screen print everything in my basement in Northwest Connecticut. (Very, very glamorous, I know!)

92% organic cotton and 8% spandex, 100% cotton threads, low impact dye, water-based non-toxic ink.

This top is DOUBLE LAYERED! Yes, cap locks for this! I can't begin to tell you what a game-changer two layers of delicious plant-based goodness is! It's seamless on the inside so it's ultra-comfy and mildly compressive to give you support while still feeling relaxed. It's pretty much the dream top.

These are ready to ship! Woohoo!



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