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Infinite Sky Genie Pants

$ 128.00 USD

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Where do I go when I need to heal my body and soul? To the mountains. Away from the flat world, breathing the crisp air, inhaling the pines, reveling in the vast and infinite open sky, I realize I was never broken in the first place. There is nothing to fix. All is as it should be. To the mountains I will return. Peace, peace, peace.


  • INGREDIENTS: 88% forest fiber from acacia, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, spruce, beech, birch, and maple trees grown on tree farms in Eastern Europe, 12% spandex for stretch. 
  • FIT: High waisted, wide leg throughout, cuffs at ankles, pockets at hips. 29" inseam for all sizes.
  • WE CARE DEEPLY: Dyed shades of sage green. White snow capped mountains with stars, twinkles, and a moon printed with water based ink on back waistband. Cut, sewn, dyed, and printed in downtown Los Angeles by small family owned shops where creators are paid more than minimum wage. 


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