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Earthen Lavender Bells

What soothes the heart? Gentle lavender buds bring the crown chakra to a meditative and calm state. Earthy warm browns root us back to the earth and remind us we are nature, we are love, we are life. There is no separation between the heavens and the earth. Life is a dream, death is a dream, it's all different dreams within the same consciousness. 

INGREDIENTS: 92% forest fiber from acacia, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, spruce, beech, birch, and maple trees grown on tree farms in Eastern Europe, 8% spandex for stretch. 

32" inseam for all sizes.

Hand dyed lichen golden brown by Hayley, hand printed with a light lavender colored lavender plant and a silver crescent moon on the front leg and back hip by Hayley, hand sewn by Nadya!

$ 118.00 USD

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So honored to create for you! Lots of love, Hayley

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