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Devotion Biker Shorts

I've been feeling some magick in the air recently, and haven't really been sure why. Then I learned this time of year is holy, Lughnasadh, the wedding between the Sun god Lugh to the Earth goddess, causing the ripening of crops. It traditionally blessed the wheat harvest, and today it's still celebrated with giant feasts among family and friends.

We might not be as connected to crops and harvests, but that doesn't mean we can't tune in to the sun and the earth. Let's bathe in the sun for 5 minutes, walk around barefoot, forage local berries, and make a festive meal with our family from local ingredients! I plan to make a stew in the slow cooker, and make s'mores with my kids tonight over a bonfire. I'll pick some flowers from the garden. Mother Earth needs our love and devotion now more than ever, whatever that looks like for each of us. I believe these little rituals are what will help all of us to devote ourselves to nature and remember we ARE nature. We deserve to be here and the Earth deserves our care, respect, and honor.


  • INGREDIENTS: 88% forest fiber from acacia, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, spruce, beech, birch, and maple trees grown on tree farms in Eastern Europe, 12% spandex for stretch. 
  • FIT: High waist hits at belly button, tight leg throughout, secret pocket in back waistband, pockets on both thighs, and a 7.5" inseam for all sizes. Madison is wearing size L and is 5'10", 34" bust, 29" waist, 40" hip.
  • WE CARE DEEPLY: Verdant and rainforest green with twinkling sunflowers on the left pocket printed with water based ink. Cut, sewn, dyed, and printed in downtown Los Angeles by small family owned shops where creators are paid more than minimum wage.
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