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Almond Shroom Moon Organic Cotton Winter Bells

This almond shade is earthy and neutral, printed with copper mushrooms under the crescent moon. The mushroom symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start. The mushrooms are printed as a reminder that as we leave behind what no longer serves us, there is nothing wrong with recognizing the beauty in the decomposition of what once was.

30" inseam for all sizes that stretches up to 35" inseam! If you are shorter than a 30" inseam please use a local tailor so you're clothing fits you like a glove, making you more likely to wear them AND supporting a local small biz.

92% organic cotton 8% spandex. These pants are DOUBLE LAYERED for winter, and heavy as a winter coat. They're perfect for cold weather. Hand dyed almond with copper shroom moons by Hayley, hand sewn by Nadya. Ready to ship and limited quantities! 

SIZE UP on these! The double layer makes them extra compressive and tighter than usual.

$ 148.00 USD

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