We’ll buy your old polyester/recycled polyester/nylon leggings from you!


This idea springs from the great question I’ve gotten from many of you- what should I do with my old polyester leggings? I don’t like wearing plastic, I don’t like washing plastic, but now what? The leggings end up in a landfill? NO WAY. These well intentioned purchases deserve a second chance.


This is how it works:


  1. Buy a pair of our leggings, any pair, without a coupon code please. I know, I know, I’m not trying to trick you here into buying our stuff, but I can’t afford yet to straight out buy your leggings from you.
  2. Email me back from your purchase confirmation email with a photo of your leggings you’d like to send back. You can send me multiple pairs. I’ll send you a shipping label to send the leggings to me (US orders only), and once I receive the leggings I’ll refund you $10.
  3. Now what will we do with all these old leggings?! I’ve been admiring patchwork bags, and if we can’t wear or wash our old plastic leggings, why not make something that doesn’t have to be washed or worn! Patchwork yoga legging mat bags!!


It’ll take a little while to collect enough leggings to make the bags, but once we have the ball rolling we’ll sell the up-cycled mat bags here on our website. I see this as such a win-win for everyone involved!

Much much love,

xo Hayley 🌻