We're pretty picky when it comes to our fabrics. We will NEVER settle for anything that compromises your health or the well being of our precious Mother Earth. Purusha only uses Tencel from eucalyptus trees, Modal from beechwood trees, and USA grown GOTS certified organic cotton. Tencel and Modal are sustainably harvested from trees in Europe, and Tencel uses a closed loop processing for its fabric. In other words, no chemicals are ever leached into the environment during the creation of our fabrics. 


All our printing is with water-based nontoxic ink. Hayley rinses screens after printing in her own backyard, where flowers and grass thrive and no harm comes to the earth.


Hayley's dye of choice is Tennessee grown organic indigo dye, in a vat with iron and pickling lime. We've found this ancient process of dyeing to be the most rewarding, beautiful, and safe for all beings. It doesn't wash out over time, it requires no chemicals, and when the dye is spent what's left is used to fertilize our garden. 

For other colors, only procion mx dye is used as it's all absorbed by the fabric and not washed down the drain. Unlike natural dyes that require large amounts of water and gas to heat the vats, our dyes need only lukewarm water and very little of it. Procion dyes are created in a regulated laboratory, where natural dyes require large amounts of land to grow the materials (land that could be used for food in countries that really need it). We forgo any harsh mordants to bind the dyes to the fiber, so do recommend hand washing any dyed pieces.