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"Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend a wintry fireside; candles at four o'clock, warm hearthrugs, tea, a fair tea-maker, shutters closed, curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor, whilst the wind and snow are raging audibly without."
― Thomas de Quincey
Letter from Hayley

Your presence is your present.

Hello to you! This is the first edition of our new Purusha People magazine, and this section is a place where I'd like to share my thoughts and dreams with you. I’ve always loved inspiring and uniquely artsy magazines, and eventually I’d like this e-magazine to be a real printed magazine! That is my New Years wish...

As 2017 wrapped up its last days I noticed myself feeling like a bit of a drifter, floating through my schedule in a shallow manner, going through the motions and habits I’d been cultivating the year through, sometimes with very little awareness. 

Not all these habits have been good. One glaring and embarrassing routine I'd created was wasting time on Instagram. It didn’t make me happy or inspired, yet I felt compelled to go on, to check on my page and get “updated” on what others were doing. I’d find hours of the day had been taken from me and I couldn’t seem to recount what I’d done or where the time went. It took me speaking out loud that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be for me to realize how much of an impact it was having on my life.

I deleted Instagram from my phone. One of my friends told me I was brave and powerful to do so, but the truth is my personality type just doesn’t click with social media, and I obsess on it probably more than the average person. 

This is one area where I’m beginning anew for 2018. However, I wouldn’t have understood what was making me sluggish if I hadn’t been practicing my meditation. The awareness of my thoughts is what led me to discover the trigger. Without having spent the first few minutes of each morning in quiet contemplation (ok sometimes it’s loud with a tiny person climbing on me!), I wouldn’t have had a clue to my dissatisfaction. I might not have even known I was struggling with a problem.

My breakthrough came in the bathtub with Shep (my little one). I’d been stressing that I hadn’t gotten as much done that day as I wanted, and was already planning and writing out my to do list for tomorrow. I was barely present as I filled up the bathtub with water and poured in the bubbles. I felt anxiety and annoyance with something I couldn’t identify. 

As I played with Shep I realized I wasn’t connecting with him. I was smiling and pouring water out of some cups, while my mind had left to tomorrow, to a time where I’d finally have time to accomplish what I wanted. As the warm bath water relaxed my body, it felt increasingly wrong to have this hyperactive mind taking in all thoughts without any accountability. I made up my mind in that moment that I wanted to feel relaxed in my mind as well. So I breathed, long and deep breaths. I played with some boats and made boat sounds, I kissed Sheps fat tummy and delicious neck. I gave myself fully to that precious and fleeting moment. My life was mine again, I had the ability to be there and be at peace.

With that presence comes your present! So cheesy, I know. But it helps to remember that when you’re all here, you get a gift. That gift is immediate inspiration and truth. You see the beauty around you, and you want to harness it and share it somehow. Whatever your unique personality is inclined towards; writing, art, music, yoga, playing with your children or pets, etc., you’re given new material to create with. Your life opens up as much as you’re willing to open yourself to the moment. 

I learned that I’d given away some of these beautiful moments to a platform that was hurting my spiritual life and my creativity, Instagram. I surrendered my choice to a destructive habit and didn’t believe there was another way to live. When you run a business online its hard to know where to draw the line between what’s useful and what’s just a distraction from your craft itself. Especially when every article out there is like ‘How to make more sales from Instagram!’, ‘How to grow your Instagram following!’. 

My gut tells me this isn’t the way for me to connect to you, at least not right now. And I’m not sure if YOU even want to connect to me over there either. I know personally I don't go on social media to get sold to. My present from my presence is this very newsletter itself! I remembered I like to write. I love being inspired by things that are smart and thoughtful, and I’m not getting that from some blip among a thousand other images that require me to mindlessly scroll, tethering me to my phone while hopelessly searching for the next empty endorphin rush. I'm not saying this is what's happening to you, rather that was my experience. I don’t want to be a part of that anymore, and I don’t want to contribute to you being locked to your phone either. 

With that I am happy to share with you my e-zine. Please enjoy, and indulge in a little truth and beauty. May this January bring you a fresh clean mind, ready to absorb all that’s good right here for you, waiting to be discovered! 

Winter Things We Love

I love to put a little essential oil on each morning, whatever I'm in the mood for to set the tone for my day. Lately I've been loving a heady gardenia to refresh my spirit when it's cold and dark outside. It elevates my mind to a lighter, more energetic state. Spring always comes back, the light always returns! My favorite is from Nantucket Perfume Company, HERE.
Amethyst is the birth stone for February, and such a brilliant color to gaze upon when there's color lacking outdoors. And what better gem to carry around with you then the one that's connected to your crown chakra? The new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your thoughts, and the amethyst is believed to cleanse the mind, renewing it and removing negativity. I love this ring by my friend Jesssica over at Lux Divine. See it HERE.
One of my favorite artists is Fleet Foxes. They've been around a while and I bet you enjoy them already! Here's a great song to connect to the winter :) Listen to White Winter Hymnal HERE.
I love looking at florals in winter. It's amazing to think all the buds and shoots are just waiting beneath the snow for the right time to bloom again. This beautiful painting titled 'Vivace' is by Jess Franks Art. She was taught by Kate Tortland, who was taught by my Mom, Catherine M. Elliott. So neat! See more of her gorgeous paintings HERE.
I just finished reading every single Sherlock Holmes story! Guys, it is SO SO good! Such a cozy read for a winter's night, and it's fun to finish up a story in one read. If you like the BBC show Sherlock you will just die over the book! The show did such a great job of capturing the essence of Sherlock Holmes (and Dr. Watson too!), and the mysteries I think in the book are even better than the show (easier to follow in my opinion). You'll find yourself hooked on these stories, I often stayed up well past my bedtime to finish a mystery. It's only 99 cents on Amazon for Kindle! Check it out HERE.
Hayley's Pick - Organic Beet Lip + Cheek Stain

I don't like wearing makeup! It's hard to wash off, and I often forget I'm wearing it and rub my eyes so end up walking around looking like a raccoon! I also don't want to wear anything that's been tested on animals, and so many cosmetics are. I discovered this really lovely lip and cheek stain by Ere Perez. You only need a drop it's so powerful! And it looks so beautiful, just a healthy glow to your cheeks and lips that looks totally natural. I like to first use a serum to moisturize and prep my skin, and then put a tiny bit of the stain on. It's a quick way to look refreshed for the day! I bought mine on Amazon HERE. 

Why do you practice yoga?

Let that question marinate for a moment. Most likely your answer wasn’t ‘to get more flexible’ or ‘to learn how to get my feet behind my head’. Yet so often in our image based culture we see a beautiful advanced posture as a sign of success, of a well practiced yogi.


I bet all of us know at least one or two yogis out there that kill it on the mat. They make each pose look easy and graceful, and who wouldn’t want to be able to do these incredible things with their bodies?! I’ve had dreams of being able to pull my foot past my head in dancer pose, and it genuinely felt open and invigorating... I also didn’t have a spine in those dreams, but who cares! 


My best friend and I took our first yoga class freshmen year of college. We didn’t even have mats, and down dog felt impossible! My very first yoga teacher was really “good” at all the challenging postures. I was too young and inexperienced to understand at the time that that was all she was good at in terms of yoga. She didn’t talk to any of us after class, and I never got that connection and warmth from her that I’ve had in so many teachers since then. I emailed her a few years ago to say thank you for introducing me to yoga, with hopes that maybe I’d misunderstood her all those years ago. Nope! Her reply was ‘I’m glad you like yoga so much.’ That was it. 


Haha anyways! The point of that story is, a master of asana does not mean a master of yoga. We know this. But sometimes I need to remind myself when all I have time for in my day is meditation and gentle stretching. 

To answer my original question, I practice yoga to be flexible... in my mind. To understand there are other ways of being, thinking, and feeling. The physical poses feel nice and nurture your body, but I believe, at least for my practice, that the mind must lead.

I’ve been working on watching a scenario play out in my head before opening my mouth or taking an action. It’s not easy, but the little success I’ve had has saved me from arguments with my partner and from hurting someone’s feelings. Often my first response isn’t the best response, but for some reason I see my lips moving and those words flowing out. 


Could there be a better response? It only takes a moment to play it out in your head, but those seconds of time escape easily, and before you know it your habitual reaction has taken control of the situation. This is where your flexible mind yoga practice is so important! If you’ve been conditioning your mind to be aware of the thoughts and the words that follow, you might be quick enough to catch yourself! If you’re leaving that part of your yoga practice out in favor of the postures, you won’t get all the benefits yoga has to offer.


I’ve spent many years of my life trapped in yoga asana. I’m not saying everyone is like me (thank god haha!), but I neglected my mind in favor of my body. And I’m not saying that you can’t have both body and mind awareness, of course they wouldn’t be without the other, and a healthy body is crucial for a healthy mind. I’ve found in my own experience that when I practice yoga for a flexible mind I get the most out of it and my body follows suit.

May your yoga practice in 2018 bring you much peace and the space to see how limitless our lives' possibliities are!

Above is a funny way I've been doing pigeon when I wake up. I pretend I'm a cat and drag my leg back into pigeon, rather than pulling my bent leg in front of me. It's a real juicy way to move when your body is stiff early in the day.

A real simple flow I like to do to get into my head is this one. Basically it's just praying, sitting in hero pose, raising your arms as you would for a sun salutation, pulling yourself up onto your knees and allowing a slight backbend, and then returning to sit. I do this a few times to get my blood flowing when I'm too tired or just not ready to do sun salutations. It's fun to explore simple flows, letting your body and breath lead the way to settle the mind into meditation. 

On SALE this week!

Perfect Moment Leggings

These leggings are just about as simple as it gets at Purusha People! But they've quickly become my favorite. It's hard to tell from a photo, but the fabric is super soft and somewhat thick, really nice for winter yoga and outdoor activities. The waist band is really comfy and flattering, and the back pocket that fits an iPhone is kinda the best thing to ever happen to our clothes! I find myself reaching for these everyday and am bummed when they're in the wash. I wear them on my winter runs and just around the house. They pair with everything! Take 25% off this week only with code PERFECT25! See them further HERE

Looking Ahead : The Spring Collection

My favorite thing about my job has gotta be the next collection! I try my best to be present with my work, but I LOVE creating the next thing! Here's the palette that's inspiring me for spring, and a little peek at my palm print I'm working on. Thank you so much for supporting us!

Well, that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this little magazine. I didn't have anyone on board with me (I didn't ask anyone yet LOL), so it's very Hayley-centric at the moment. If you'd like to contribute to our next zine I would love to work with you! Please email me at with any ideas! Thank you with all my heart for taking the time to read (and hopefully enjoy!) this winter edition of Purusha People Magazine!

Much love,

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