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92% Lenzing Austria certified tencel, we call it Forest Fiber! It's made from trees grown on purposeful tree farms in Eastern Europe (no old growth trees). 8% spandex for stretch, which we will be phasing out for a corn material summer of 2021. GOTS certified low impact dyes, water treated and discharged responsibly in Los Angeles. Water based inks. Cotton threads. Moving towards 100% plastic free! That means plant-based, sustainable, and ethical yoga wear.
How It's Made:
MAIN LINE: Cut and sewn in small family owned shops in Los Angeles where seamstresses and seamsters make $15-$30/hr. Dyed in a responsible dye house dedicated to low impact dyes only and not dyeing synthetics. Screen printed in a clean and safe print shop with water-based ink only. LIMITED DROPS: Cut and sewn by Nadya in her home in Twentynine Palms, CA where she makes $17/hr and creates her own hours. Dyed by hand by Hayley in her home in Connecticut, where waste water is treated and only low impact and organic indigo dyes are used. Printed by hand by Hayley with water-based inks only.
Sustainability is a journey that never ends. We are dedicated to always improving, while remaining transparent about the process.

Zero Waste:
Our packaging is plastic free. We use 100% post consumer recycled paper materials that are compostable and biodegradable. They're super thick and easy to reuse. We don't use "polybags", those clear plastic bags most clothing comes in, we use 100% recycled brown paper bags and paper tape.
Going Carbon Negative:
All shipping emissions are currently offset via carbon credits. By the end of year we will completely offset all production emissions via carbon credits.
Giving Back:
A portion of all sales goes to Clean Clothes Campaign. The Clean Clothes Campaign lobbies government agencies for better working conditions for garment workers. They also educate workers on their rights, train them to organize and advocate for themselves, and organize large scale PR campaigns on behalf of the exploited. The charity aims to empower and strengthen garment workers by uniting them with allies around the world.
Our leggings buyback program takes in discarded synthetic yoga clothing to repurpose into yoga mat bags, keeping clothing out of landfills as our customers transition into plant-based activewear.
We Won't Stop:
We are absolutely dedicated to sustainability, and endlessly passionate about people, the planet, and doing better. We will NEVER stop working to improve our products and our process!
With love, gratitude, and respect,

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