Sometimes life has no intention of showing you where its going and what it is doing with you. And you wander along and try to make a story for yourself, why this happened, and why this didn’t. Yoga plays a wonderful role in my life telling me, to be patient, the story will make sense one day and go with the flow since there is not much you can do about it. And along these thoughts comes Hayley Elliott with a wonderful shimmering appearance in my mind and i have no doubt she is one of a kind, a doer, a creator. A creator of magical clothing that make you smile and embrace the world. Not only how the yoga pants made me feel, but every single email received from Hayley that she wrote and sent herself. I was overwhelmed by the love and kindness which came from her words far from over the atlantic ocean. How is this possible? How can someone be so powerful and steady, so kind and caring? Like no issue is ever hard, or ever a problem? It gave my stressful days a glimpse of excitement and the belief in good people everywhere. My yoga pants are the most amazing, stretchy and beautiful pair of pants existent. Theres nothing my pants and I can’t do. :)
~ Glyn H.

At yoga class where I float fly and dance
I sometimes am asked "Where'd you get those pants?"
There's a magical lady who lives in a canyon
Creating these beauties with carefree abandon
In ombre and paisley and floral and lace
I'm browsing her shop with a smile on my face
The process, I admit, is a tad bit delayed
It's just a reminder-- you're buying handmade
When you undo the string and the wonder unfolds
Read the beautiful message, press the sage to your nose
And know there's a season and time for all things
And know that Purusha is more than just strings
There's love in those stitches; I do believe that
And I take that good energy onto my mat.

~Crystal C.

Your clothing is AMAZING!! But even more than that Hayley is a golden spirit and makes sure you are 100% stoked on your new products. The customer service is unreal!! I will forever purchase my yoga garb from Purusha people ;) Thank you also for my extra goodies!! Your the best, keep it up!!!

~xoxo Jessica

I just want to take a moment to thank Hayley & share with others some of the benefits of getting what you pay for. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who's questioned the cost of these (handmade!) items and yet after making my first purchase from Purusha, I now know why...

The leggings I bought were perfect - great fit - great color - just the right amount of detailing. My only issue was that even with hand washing, they were fading much sooner than I'd hoped. Still, they were great and unique & I received many compliments on them.

A few MONTHS after my purchase, I received an email from Hayley, stating that a few customers had the same thoughts about the leggings. What would most retailers do? Probably say sorry - maybe give me a 10% discount on the purchase of a new pair. What did Purusha do? MADE ME A NEW PAIR! Why? because she believes in her products and puts her heart into them. 

Down to every detail, the heart poured into these items, is evident. ♥

~Jennifer H.

hayley! never have i been so excited opening a package of clothing before! the sweatshirt is perfect and beautiful and soft and smelled so amazing from the sage :) i could feel the love in that package! thank you so much <

~Julianne F.

Hayley is so sweet and kind. And her clothing is truly a work of art. The sea gypsy leggings are stunning. Hayley took the time to match the pattern at the seams. The colors are vibrant and the quality impeccable. Not to mention the gorgeous presentation.

~Mary H.

My new favorite leggings! I am absolutely in love with them. They are super comfortable, soft and fit perfectly. Thanks Hayley and Nadya for making such awesome clothes with such love and care!

~Nina S.

Every time I receive a package from Hayley is a surprise!! This piece is so, so beautiful, sexy, chic, soft, so unique elegant style and I am so lucky that it's mine! xxx

~Vicky N.

I bought this because I thought it was beautiful and it never occurred to me how the product might feel. I cannot believe how incredibly soft and luxurious this hoodie is. Ms. Elliot was always prompt to respond to any change I made in my order and I cannot thank her enough. Love this product, the shop, and the beautiful, warm energy of it all. Cannot recommend enough!!!!!!


Amazingly beautiful! The quality of Purusha People was extraordinarily high for the past two years I've been a customer, but the quality now is WONDERFUL. The material feels like it will hold its shape, the fit is impeccable, and the design is gorgeous, as always. I cannot recommend enough! Love love love! <3

~Veronica C.

Purushapeople is an incredible company, and Hayley is an amazing person to shop with. She is always so warm, communicative and professional. I absolutely love this t-shirt. It is like nothing I have seen anywhere else! I get lots of compliments on it and love it for runs in the park and to wear to yoga. Thank you, Hayley! You are the greatest!!

~Jessica B.

AMAZING EVERYTHING! The fit: Perfect. Comfort: Perfect. Quality: Awesome. Service: Great! Can't really say enough good things. I think making a good fitting yoga pant would be tricky.........but Hayley nails it.

~Kirby I.