Here's Why 1000's Are Choosing Purusha People's Sustainable Clothing Over Fast Fashion.

1. Chemicals In Polyester May Not Be Safe.

According to epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan endocrine disrupting chemicals from plastics are causing both fertility and sperm rates to drop drastically, like 50% of their levels in the 1950's. Many polyester and recycled polyester garments are coated in brominated flame retardants (BFR) which mimic estrogen and disrupt fertility. There are new studies coming out on this every day as more and more people become concerned with the everywhere plastic problem. But in the meantime, you should probably steer clear of anything with the potential to cause such long term health problems. We make clothes so you can adorn your sacred temple worry free of toxicity. 

2. You Can Own A Few Really Nice Things Vs. A Lot Of Cheap Stuff.

It’s so easy to fill your home with junk. It overflows from discount stores, shopping malls, and the internet at large. Take a look at your closet. Odds are there’s a few “iffy” items in there. Maybe the occasional crumpled sweater you have from 3 years ago and don't even know why? But it doesn't have to be this way forever right? Picture this instead - a clean closet. No cheap, toxic fabrics. No ill-fitting random pieces you haven't even worn this year. Your new closet is bright, spacious, fresh smelling, with just a few nice garments inside. It’s the closet to start a positive day with. We make great clothing for your new closet.

3. You Can Support Working Families.

Yes for babies, families, and the mostly working women in the fashion industry who need a fair wage. Those moms working in sewing, dying, and finishing want to feed their kids well and send them to good schools. Don't we all? That's why we only work with small family owned shops employing 8-10 people paying an above average wage. When you buy a Purusha People garment you help a LA based family live a quality life at the same time.

4. Earth Is Covered In Plastic So Try Something Natural And Even Better.

According to Textile Exchange, organic cotton made up 1% of production globally while polyester made up 50% global production in 2022. Ok wow, let’s pump the brakes a little here. Now consider that only 13% of clothes are recycled according to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation. We clearly need to change some minds and make some new laws regarding fashion. But meanwhile, you can lead by example by supporting small companies dedicated to slow sustainable fashion and not choking up your local rivers with 70 metric tons of polyester per year. We pledge not to use an ounce of polyester and to keep your body safe and sanctified.

5. Our Special Fabric Is Insanely Soft And Clean.

Petroleum based polyester has been the standard in activewear for YEARS. But why? Yea it's breathable and drys quick. But do we want all those phthalates rubbing all over your skin? A lot of this info is just coming out. And we think a big change is coming. Every time you move, you cause friction which could actually cause absorption of those endocrine disrupting chemicals. We don’t love that. So here is our answer - our signature alternative fabric called Forest Fiber. Here's the process: we use small fast growing trees from a tree farm (not endangered forests) that are dissolved into pulp using a 99% recoverable bio-solvent (meaning an effectively closed loop and almost zero waste) and then the pulp is strained into a yarn at one of several solar powered facilities in Europe. And once you feel this fabric, it’s like a second skin. You’re not gonna want to go back to the poly stuff. We promise! That’s why you can return anything super easy. Guaranteed.


Behind The Brand

Hayley started Purusha People in 2009. Back then colorful yofa stuff didnt exist. Crazy right?

She spent over 10 years experimenting until she found why this brand should exists: to keep our bodies safe from synthetics.

Now in 2022 we've delivered thousands of special pieces to beautiful souls around the globe and grow more every day!

Hayley started Purusha People in 2009. Back then colorful yoga wear didn't exist. Crazy!

After moving to California, she tried to do it all and failed. But did not give up.

She moved back home to CT and focused once again on organic, special pieces meant to bring joy to your heart. And since then its been up, up and away!



"I almost didn’t grab any of these jumpsuits but I’m so grateful I did. So incredibly comfortable. It feels like pajamas but looks so classy. Fits & drapes on all the right places! Want one for every day!!!"

“So Happy”


"I love this top!! I have the matching genie pants and love wearing them both together and separately =] Haley's tops are like no other clothes you''ve ever worn.. they feel so good on! Love adding this to my collection!"

“Blue Beauty”


"Pretty sure the title of my review sums up how I feel about my purchase. I literally have them on right now.😂 They are the most comfortable, adorable, softness, most well made pants I’ve had on my body in quite sometime. I can’t believe I got them on sale. Beyond recommend, can’t wait for another pants drop in this style. xo"

“Pants You Want To Live In”


I"'m so shocked by how soft and sturdy this bra feels. I'm a 34DD/34E and it gives me a decent amount of support in Medium, especially for a tank/sports bra without underwire/boning. Highly recommend. The color is GORGEOUS"

“Sooo Comfortable”



Q - Why is this so expensive?

A - Things can only be made cheaply when either someone is underpaid or it's completely automated. Unfortunately, machines haven't taken over all labor yet. So in the mean time we pay a premium for high quality fabrics and labor. So while an average top may cost $5 for Forever 21 to make, we pay anywhere from $20-$30. That means on a $64 dollar top, profit maybe $30-40 which then must cover operating expenses (website fees, shipping containers, freight charges), taxes, and payroll. So end of the day profit could be closer to $3-6. If we did this for the money, we'd be in the wrong industry. We do this to make an amazing garment you'll love for years.

Q - When are sold out items restocked?

A - Never. We make small runs to keep impact low and not overproduce. Once it's gone it's gone!

Q - Can I pre-order?

A - It's actually worse for you with pre-orders. You wait for weeks And when its actually made, it usually looks way different than planned because there is always something you couldn't predict. So we stopped doing pre-orders. This way gets you a better product!

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