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The Reconnection Drop

I first designed these pieces to be sleep sets.

I have a beautiful silk pajama set from that I adore, however I’m not crazy about it being made in China. I’ll be honest and also say I don’t know enough about silk to understand if it’s ethical in its production. So I wanted to put our handmade forest fiber spin on a sleep outfit, and make it here in the US of course.

After wearing this cute set and testing it out, I realized it’s so much more than for sleep. It’s a vibe of relaxation that you can tap into during your waking state too. I feel put together wearing this outfit out of the house, while also sensing I’m still in my comfy and safe home clothes. It’s especially soothing as I have a cold to wear things that feel gentle and nonrestrictive.

Soooo… They’re our relaxation sets! Your wear all weekend, from bed to gentle yoga to the coffee shop to home again to play out in the yard with the kids outfit. I hope you love them and feel the peace I put into them ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 

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