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The Moon Drop

Every night we see the moon. This constant satellite goddess in the sky never leaves our side. The beauty in her fullness takes our breath away, and when she's new we wonder how the sky could ever be so dark. The moon is our gentle reminder to look up, to remember who we are and where we come from, and to bask in the mystery of our existence. When I look at the moon's glowing craters during a full moon, or see the perfect little dainty fingernail crescent of a waning moon, I am in awe of how beautiful our little corner of the universe is. We get stars and a moon, a light show, every night whether we choose to even look at it or not. The world we live in can be painful and harsh, but damn, isn't it beautiful sometimes too? It is my dream that The Moon Drop is a reminder that there is always something wonderful and magickal to delight in. Just look up.

xoxo Hayley

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