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Test Product - DO NOT ERASE

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When Should You Wear Them?

Whenever you would wear your old school plastic polyester workout leggings. Your amulet leggings protect your body from yucky chemicals and save the earth from microplastic.

Why These Leggings Are Awesome

Pants made from a tree are a beautiful thing! Our amulet leggings are crafted from eucalyptus tree wood pulp so you don't have to worry about exercising and sweating in something synthetic and chemical-ridden. Don't worry though, eucalyptus feels like silk and doesn't at all resemble tree bark ;) The Amulet leggings are also exceptional because they're DOUBLE LAYERED! What!? They feel like pure luxury with two delicious layers of silken eucalyptus AND they are totally opaque because of it.

Why These Leggings Are Slightly Less Awesome

Being plant-based our leggings might feel lighter and thinner than your typical thick and stuffy polyester legging. Some people say they're like not wearing any pants at all! Which is great when you're sweating and moving, no one has time for pants that feel like... too much pants! Also, they do contain 5% spandex, which is a petroleum-based ingredient. Without it, your leggings wouldn't stretch and no one- you or the planet- would benefit from a product nobody wants because we refused to add a stretchy element to it. Until we can all exercise in loose woven flood pants and tunics (unlikely), or until someone invents a plant-based stretch fiber (yay science!), this is the best we've got. So much better than 100% plastic though, don't you think?

Where Do They Come From + Who Made Them?

Our eucalyptus is sourced from sustainable tree farms in Austria and neighboring countries, where the trees are grown for fibers so you don't have to fret about deforestation. The eucalyptus is knitted into fabric in Los Angeles, CA. Nadya, my best friend, and my super talented seamstress, hand sews each and every piece in her home in the desert in Southern California. I (Hayley), hand dye and hand screen print everything in my basement in Northwest Connecticut. (Very, very glamorous, I know!)


95% eucalyptus tencel and 5% spandex, 100% cotton threads, low impact dye, water-based non-toxic ink.

Boring (But Important!) Information

These leggings fit with a high waist that's elastic free and can be folded over. They feature a diamond gusset (vagina protector so you're comfy when you move!), flat athletic seams, and a pocket at the back waistband large enough to hold your iPhone. No itchy tags because the tags are sewn inside the pocket!

One of my other BFF's is modeling the clothing- it’s Nicole! She's wearing size S, standard length and is 5’8”, 27” waist, 36” hip. Our leggings run true to size.

The Last Bit Of Super Important Information (I Know, It's A Lot, Sorry!)

This piece ships in 4-8 weeks because we don't carry ANY inventory. Don't freak out, I PROMISE it will be worth the wait. Think of it as bespoke yoga wear, custom made for you. But, why?! Cue crying emoji. Because: 1. We can't afford to stock multiple items in 9 sizes for 40 different styles (we're handmade y'all, not a factory!), and 2. It's better for the environment to produce less and not make a bunch of stuff without knowing if anyone will ever buy it. The top harm to the environment in the fashion industry is throwaway fashion, so we're avoiding this all together by only bringing clothes into this world that people really want. By the time your clothes are done you will be amazed at your patience and probably feel pretty proud that Amazon Prime hasn't destroyed your ability to wait for something special! Go you!

30 Day Happiness Guarantee
If you don’t love your Purusha for any reason, we’ll take it back.

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