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Recycled Yoga Mat Bag No. 1

It's finally here! After about a year of buying back our customer's synthetic, used yoga leggings, we've collected enough to begin making our recycled yoga mat bags! (Crotch not included LOL!) This is our very first one!

We decided the best way to make better use of unwanted plastic leggings, rather than them going to a landfill, was to create something useful and beautiful, and also not something to be washed or worn often to prevent further spreading of microplastics. A yoga mat bag just made perfect sense :)

This beautiful floral bag is two of a kind, and made from four pairs of polyester yoga leggings. The inside is 100% organic black hemp canvas, to make the bag extra sturdy and of course, totally natural. It features a heavy duty metal zipper pocket, and an external pocket. The bag is hand sewn by Nadya in her home in Twentynine Palms, California.

You might think the price tag is high for materials that are recycled, but the organic hemp inside, buying back leggings, and paying Nadya a living wage does NOT come cheap, as it shouldn't. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting us as we try to keep plastic off our bodies and out of landfills! XOXO

$ 180.00 USD
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