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Our Mission
At Purusha our goal is to create plastic-free yoga activewear that performs just as well as synthetics, is ethical in every way possible, is inclusive, and looks super cute! We believe climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, in particular our dependence on fossil fuels in the creation of plastics for packaging and clothing. Considering that the majority of activewear on the market is made of polyester, which is plastic, we look forward to leading the way in plant-based activewear as the sustainable alternative- for your health, the health of the ocean, and the health of the planet for generations to come. Just say NO to plastic yoga pants!
We hope that you join us on our mission, and are so grateful you're here!
Who Can Be A Purusha Ambassador?
Anyone that has a passion for the environment, sustainable fashion, plastic-free living, yoga and fitness, and loves wearing Purusha!
Why Become A Purusha Ambassador?
As an ambassador you earn 10% of every sale generated through your referral link. This is your own unique link you can share through social media, email, text, wherever you feel comfortable! Each time you share a photo of yourself in Purusha we encourage you to hashtag #purushapeople, and share your code. You will also receive 20% off your personal orders. Discount codes may not be used in addition to other coupon codes.
All ambassadors will receive first looks at new collections, I'll ask for your input in new designs, and we will look to you for opportunities in photo shoots and social media. 
How Does the Revenue Share Work?
All eligible commissions will be paid out on the 1st of every month. Commissions are not eligible to be paid out until 30 days after an order has been placed, to account for potential returns. Returned, refunded, cancelled, or failed orders are not eligible for commission payout. Purusha reserves the right to deny payouts if we suspect fraudulent ordering.
How Do I Apply To Be A Purusha Ambassador?
Please begin the application process below! We look forward to a partnership as well as a friendship with you. Upon approval for ambassadorship we will send you a 20% off code that is just for you (this may not be shared with anyone else), and the link to offer 10% off to your followers and friends where you earn 10% commission! 
We are so grateful for your support and interest in Purusha! Much love! X