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A Letter From Hayley

Hayley Holding Her Baby

Beginning at around age two, I loved putting on my own outfits. I vividly remember wearing a Supergirl costume for days on end (this wasn’t near Halloween, mind you), and I have some hardcore nostalgia for a light pink shiny spandex leotard with sequins and a canary yellow day dress I fondly called my ‘cocktail dress.’ When I was a young teen my best friend and I got together every Sunday and planned our outfits for the week, writing them out on a decorative notepad.

I don’t wear superhero costumes as clothes or plan my outfits anymore, but I love to imagine I’m the superhero of my own life. I’m comfortable and confident when I wear clothes that feel like me. I created Purusha clothing to celebrate life in, to move joyously through each moment with a peaceful presence and loving self-acceptance.

My wish is for you to know that right now you are beyond good enough for whatever you dream. You are powerful just by being you, and I hope our clothing inspires you to move confidently in the direction your heart leads!

Much love, 

Hello You!

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