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Soul Journey Bells

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The color green is Taurus' color. Taurus is the most loyal, practical, and down to earth sign in the Zodiac. (My husband is one, lucky me!) I wear green when I want to remember that I belong to the Earth. It is so easy to be disillusioned with life when we disconnect from Mother Nature. When we get outside, breathe her fresh air, walk barefoot, hug a tree, we are reminded that everything we need is given to us already. There is nothing else. Channel the Taurus goddess within, and watch the growth unfold effortlessly once it's unhindered! Our soul's journey has always been to reconnect with The One, The Infinite, The Goddess/God, The Divine Energy that unites us all. I bow to you, sister in the light.


  • INGREDIENTS: 88% forest fiber from acacia, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, spruce, beech, birch, and maple trees grown on tree farms in Eastern Europe, 12% spandex for stretch. 
  • FIT: High waisted, extra wide flare, v-waist to flatter the hips and waist, diamond gusset at the yoni, and a 32" inseam for all sizes. If you need a shorter inseam, please get them hemmed at a local tailor! This supports a local business, is inexpensive, and ensures your clothing will fit you at it should. As we grow we plan to introduce long and short lengths, but we are not there yet.
  • WE CARE DEEPLY: Dyed by hand shades of avocado and botanical green. White moon inside a yellow sun printed with water based ink on back waistband. The white moon symbolizes you, the sun symbolizes The Source holding you. Cut, sewn, dyed, and printed in downtown Los Angeles by small family owned shops where creators are paid more than minimum wage. *Please note: Our pieces are dyed by hand, and vary from piece to piece. The tops and bottoms were dyed in separate batches and may not be identical in coloring. This is a sign of a handmade item, and makes your pieces special. We are not a mass produced brand.*


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