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Light Vision Quest Cardigan

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There's only so much darkness we can take. As we move past the Winter Solstice, the days are growing longer and lighter, ever so slightly. (Thank Goddess!) If things have felt just too heavy recently, it could be a signal from deep within the heart that it's time to crawl back out into the light. Make life easier, gentler, slower, and move away from what no longer serves us. I know in this life some struggles feel too big too handle, so there is no shame in perhaps revisiting those pains at another time. We have to go in and strengthen with love and warm energy before we can dive deep into our darks. It's a dance of balance that never ends. Returning to our warm energy looks different to us all. For me, it's more hikes in the woods with my family, treats from a local bakery, cuddling with my kids and watching a Disney movie, holding my dog for obscene amounts of time (and talking to him in a baby voice 🤷‍♀️), and reading a good book at night. Allow this Light Vision robe to be an invitation to let the light back into your life.


  • INGREDIENTS: 92% forest fiber from acacia, eucalyptus, poplar, pine, spruce, beech, birch, and maple trees grown on tree farms in Eastern Europe, 8% spandex for stretch. 
  • FIT: A cozy cardigan fit robe that ties in front, two pockets, longer in back, and a relaxed fit in the arms. This is meant to wear as a ceremonial layer over our pieces, it is not a standalone bathrobe fit. It will not wrap around and cover your body entirely in the front, but rather fits more like a draping cardigan.
  • WE CARE DEEPLY: Almond color with henna sun and henna moon on each pocket. Cut, sewn, dyed, and printed in downtown Los Angeles by small family owned shops where creators are paid more than minimum wage.


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