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Purusha Is Going Home.

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I’m mad at the activewear world right now. And the yoga world too. 

When did we all get so complacent about synthetic man made fabric? I remember growing up thinking that polyester was the most horrible fabric ever. I think it was the result of having parents from the baby boomer generation that wore entirely too much poly in the 70s; my mom instilled in me the notion that polyester was unwearable. We always wore cotton.

I’m not saying cotton is an innocent fiber, that’s for another post. And I’m in no way innocent myself. For years I’ve made nylon metallic leggings, simply because that’s what sold best for Purusha. But that’s over now. 

Having a child puts a lot more responsibility on yourself, even beyond caring for your little ones. I think about the kind of person I am now, what my footprint on this earth is. What will I leave behind? Will I contribute to the common good and make the right business choices for future generations? Will Shep proudly say, my mom made a positive difference? For the past few years the answers to these questions have been quite sad and shameful. No more. I’m done with compromising my core values for the sake of financial success.

When I first started Purusha in 2009 I was religious in my dedication to eco friendly. I refused to use any material that wasn’t organic. Then a metallic legging slipped in the mix somewhere, people loved it, so I kept making it. I veered off course there for like 5 fucking years! 

I understand it couldn’t have been different. I wanted to have a business that made a profit. I was never rich off of it, but I could live comfortably by giving customers what they wanted. It’s been a blessing and a curse that the metallic legging trend is slowing. Purusha relied on that look for a while, so now I’m feeling like I’ve lost my way. But I’m also relieved to come back to my original vision, which is handmade and organic yoga clothing that’s wearable and timeless.

I’m pretty into organic indigo dye at the moment. It’s 100% natural, you can even use remaining dye to fertilize your garden! I don’t care when I splash some indigo pigment on my skin because it’s organic! There’s nothing guilty or harmful about it, and when I use it on organic cotton I just feel like I’m back home. I’m doing what I love again. (My next post will be all about indigo dye!)

I sincerely and whole heartedly hope people resonate with my new creations! I’m feeling quite vulnerable as I move my brand into such a different direction. I’m afraid people won’t care if the clothing is organic or handmade or hand dyed in magical indigo. That they’ll choose the cheaper synthetic activewear instead. 

I know those people aren’t Purusha People, they’re not for me. But I still feel mad that we’re brainwashed everyday to think we can’t exercise in anything but nylon or polyester, and that showing sweat in a natural fiber is a worse sin than wearing leggings literally made from petroleum. Yea, nylon and polyester are made from the very fossil fuels that are changing our climate. Our addiction to leggings are killing our planet. Not to mention washing them (and this includes recycled plastic too) is polluting our oceans with plastic microbes. I mean c’mon, fuck allll that. It’s just so inexcusable for yoga and active brands to create a desire in us for pretty leggings that are made out of plastic, and then also make us believe we can’t exercise without them. We’re so much better and smarter than that. 

We care about where our food is grown, if it’s organic; we’re dedicated to personal wellness like meditation, spiritual retreats, healing herbs and mushrooms, and yoga and exercise. Yet we pay big bucks to do all of the above in petroleum pants. Why??? Where is the disconnect? Fashion has long been a moral trap, where how we look in our clothing trumps all ethics. Why?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. But I can no longer continue as part of the problem. I hope you can support Purusha as I bring it back to the earth, our home. Purusha’s going home.

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  • Amy: June 14, 2018

    I am on board 100000000% with your vision and mission! I feel the same way. I have been soooo guilty of purchasing clothing that is so horrible for Mother Nature and as I learn, I am growing and changing and choosing better. Thank you for choosing to do better, too! You are appreciated!

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